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GMCI Mailing Office
P O BOX 2557
Phoenix, AZ 85311

About our annual conference


The 2020 Annual Meeting has been canceled due to the COVID-19
We regret the cancellation of our annual meeting but felt it was the best thing to do not knowing what things will be like right now.


We appreciate you being a part of our family

Ames International School of Ministry 




Banquet & Fellowship Encounters

Times of Praise & Worship

Foreign Missions Crusades

Ordination Service

GMCI Missionary Encouragers
Paul & Debbie Lester with Gordon & Jean Douglas

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    I  N  T  E  R  N  A  T  I  O  N  A  L

    Mailing Address
    Post Office Box 2557
    Glendale, Arizona


    GMCI provides both apostolic spiritual covering and tax exemption status to those churches  that qualify. In addition GMCI provides a fellowship for both the seasoned minister and that one just beginning their calling in God. GMCI is a full gospel organization for independent ministers providing Ordination, General License, Commissioned Minister and Exhorter/Christian Workers License. Mentoring, prayer support, missions projects, short term mission trips, networking and opportunities for fellowship are available.

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