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Ames International School of Ministry 




 The name of this body shall be Gospel Ministers & Churches International, also referred to as GMCI.


 Section 1Nature of this Organization - This body is a medium through which those affiliated may work harmoniously in cooperation with each other, promoting the work and objects set forth in this constitution. It is not nor shall it ever be an organization which exercises ecclesiastical or hierarchical authority over its members. It shall not have and shall never attempt to impose a single attribute of power or authority over any minister, church or outreach ministry that would limit the sovereignty of said affiliate but shall recognize the sovereignty of the membership under one Sovereign, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Section 2 - The body of Christ is a God-formed living organism and has many members. It is our solemn responsibility to work out ways and means by which we can secure a practical working relationship among these members that Christ has set in place in His church.

Section 3 - GMCI is designed to perform only those services which churches or ministers cannot easily or conveniently provide for themselves. Providing an apostolic or spiritual covering is an intricate part of our reason for being but this must be submitted to voluntarily, not mandated by corporate policy. Each member will be free to carry on their own programs, their own missionary work and they can ordain or license ministers as they deem necessary providing their own bylaws permit such activity and those being credentialed meet basic Christian standards

Section 4 - Being international in character, GMCI may be extended to any country in the world.


Purpose -

Section 1 - To recognize Christ as the Sovereign head of the Church.

Section 2 - To encourage recognition of all true believers as members of the Body of Christ.

Section 3 - To emphasize, encourage and promote the fullness of apostolic ministry.

Section 4 - To assume and share the responsibility of fulfilling the Great Commission, that is the promulgation of the Gospel and the evangelisation of the nations.

Section 5 - To promote unity and fellowship among the members of the Body of Christ.

Section 6 - To provide a medium through which accountability is available which lends itself to integrity and credibility.

Section 7 - To build strong relational foundations that will strengthen the individual Messenger of the Gospel.

Section 8 - To provide ways and means by which the above objectives may be achieved.

Section 8 - To provide such services as may be necessary to the affiliated sovereign church, minister and outreach ministries from both the spiritual and legal perspective that will help empower them to fulfill their individual calling in Christ.


Membership in the International Body -

Section 1 - All ministers, churches and outreach ministries which believe in and practice the principles, nature and purpose of GMCI may make application for membership. All applications for membership in the International Body shall be by official application only and shall include recommendation by an active member of GMCI or other ministerial references as requested by the Membership Committee. All applications will be subject to the final approval of the Membership Committee.

Section 2 - Ordained, licensed and commissioned ministers and exhorters shall be so recognized as qualifying for membership in the International Body providing membership requirements are met.

Section 3 - Churches and legally formed ministries may be considered for affiliation by filing an official application. Such application will indicate the type of affiliation desired. Only those who meet the qualifications as set forth in Article 11, will be considered active members. Other churches who wish to be affiliated with the organization and are in sympathy with the principles, nature and purpose shall be accepted as associate members, and are entitled to all the rights and privileges of the organization except the qualification for tax exemption within the United States of America.



Section 1 - Annual membership dues shall be requested of ministers, churches and outreach ministries. The amount shall be established by the Executive Board. The amount of the annual dues will vary from country to country depending on the economic status.

Section 2 - In carrying on the work of GMCI, it is recognized that finances will be required. We encourage and strongly recommend that ministers, churches and outreach ministries consider additional support to GMCI by means as they shall agree upon or voluntarily choose.

Section 3 - All funds (except membership dues) of this body shall be raised by voluntary donations, secured upon the merits of the causes for which appeals are made. It may also acquire funds by bequest, or income on property that may be acquired. Members shall not be under obligation to make any contribution outside of the annual membership dues.


Annual Membership Gatherings

Section 1 - There shall be at least one annual membership gathering held at a time and  place so designated by the Executive Board. More than one annual meeting may be held. For purposes of convenience an annual meeting may be held in each nation that GMCI has representation in provided such meeting meets the approval of the Executive Board.



Section 1 - The Board of Directors shall be the primary administrative body of GMCI giving guidance and making policy from the secular perspective. The Council of Bishops shall give oversight in spiritual matters. Election to and membership on the Board of Directors shall be left to and determined by the Articles of Incorporation

Section 2 -The Executive Officers of this organization shall be: President, 1st Vice President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasure and the holder of any other office defined in the Bylaws as having membership on the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall be elected by the Board of Directors.


The Executive Board -

The complete rendering of Article 8 is available in written form upon request.


Regional Councils -

Section 1 - There shall be an International Council which oversees GMCI in each country it is represented in. Members to the International Council shall be appointed by the Executive Board and ratified by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 - Within the parameters of the United States there shall be up to two Regional Council members in each state in which GMCI has sufficient representation.

Additional information concerning Regional Councils is available in written form upon request.


National Boards

Section 1 - When the activities of GMCI in a particular country or nation so determines that additional oversight is needed, the Executive Board may create a National Board to affect that oversight.


Local Churches - (within the United States)

Section 1 - Local churches that qualify for affiliation according to the provisions of Article 4 will receive a membership certificate identifying them as "Affiliated with Gospel Ministers & Churches International". These certificates are renewable on an annual basis.

Section 2- Local churches should conform to the principles and procedures as set forth in this constitution, particularly those procedures for receiving, accounting and the distribution of all funds. A secretary shall take and preserve minutes from all business meetings. A treasurer shall keep records of finances received and disbursed. (These two officers may be one and the same)

Section 3 - It is required for those affiliated churches that desire recognition as a tax-exempt, non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the  Internal Revenue Service of the United States to include the following language in their constitution and bylaws:

1. The church is a member of GMCI

2. All church properties are the property of the local church, and not individually owned, and irrevocably devoted to church work as determined by the New Testament Christian conduct.

3. No part of the net income may inure to the benefit of any private individual other than what is determined as reasonable compensation for services rendered.

4. Upon the dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Trustees shall, after  paying or making provisions for the  payment of all the liabilities of the corporation, dispose of all the assets of the corporation exclusively for the purposes of the organization in such manner of such organization or organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, religious or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization or organizations under section 501(c)(3) of the International Revenue Code of 1954 as the Board of Directors shall determine. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Court of Common Pleas of the county in which the principle office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or organizations of like faith as said court shall determine which are organized or operated exclusively for such purposes.

5. Provisions for accurate keeping of minutes of all business meetings and financial records shall be provided by authorized or elected officers of the church.


Local churches outside of the Untied States

Section 1 - All local churches outside of the United States shall meet the basic requirements of church membership as stated in Article 4 and Article 11 with the exception of those requirements especially and particularly requested for tax exemption.

For complete wording on Article 12 it may be requested in written form.


Tenets of Faith - See the Tenets of Faith as posted on this web site.


Exclusion from Membership with GMCI

Section 1 - Those who reject all or part of the doctrine of Christ. (11John 9-11)

Section 2 - Those that deny that Jesus Christ was come in the flesh, lived, died and rose again on the  third day and is alive for evermore in the hearts of those who accept Him as Lord and Savior.

Section 3 - Those guilty of immorality including those that practice the homosexual lifestyle. (1 Cor. 5:9-11) Those that oppose the marriage unit being one man and one woman. 

Section 4 - Those who are unruly or walk disorderly. (2 Thes. 3:6-13)

Constitution and Bylaws of Gospel Ministers & Churches International as revised July 1986.

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    GMCI provides both apostolic spiritual covering and tax exemption status to those churches  that qualify. In addition GMCI provides a fellowship for both the seasoned minister and that one just beginning their calling in God. GMCI is a full gospel organization for independent ministers providing Ordination, General License, Commissioned Minister and Exhorter/Christian Workers License. Mentoring, prayer support, missions projects, short term mission trips, networking and opportunities for fellowship are available.

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