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P O BOX 2557
Glendale, AZ 85311

Phoenix, AZ

October 10 - 11- 12, 2024

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Ames International School of Ministry 


  • Is GMCI a mail order or online ministry for credentials?
    No, all membership is by application only. There are general requirements for membership. Our credentials are legal and recognized across the United States and many countries of the world.

  • I have never been ordained, can I still apply for ordination?
    No, in order to be recognized as an ordained minister, one must have been ordained by the imposition of hands with documentation to verify the ordination. This is both a legal matter and policy of GMCI which helps support our standing and integrity. This, however, does not negate credentials with GMCI. It may even be possible for GMCI to help you become ordained.

  • Can I get ordained through GMCI?
    We feel that the process of ordination is best left to the local church or to those that are better acquainted with the individual minister. However, GMCI can, under certain circumstances, assist in the ordination process. There are certain requirements that must be met. Membership with GMCI must already be in place before ordination can be considered.

  • Is GMCI a denomination?
    Not in the way most denominations are recognized. We are, however, a denomination in the sense that we are Full Gospel in nature.

  • Will ministerial credentials give an individual tax exemption status?
    No. Individual Ministers are not eligible for tax exemption status. This is available only to Churches and Outreach or Evangelistic Ministries. However, there are certain allowances that may available to the individual Minister.

  • Can I get tax exemption status for my church?
    Yes. There are certain qualifications that must be met.

  • Does the church have to be incorporated ?
    No but it is encouraged.

  • Do I have to attend fellowship functions?
    No but it is recommended and encouraged.

  • Does GMCI permit women to be members?
    Yes. Membership with GMCI is not based on sex, race or national origin.

  • Does GMCI host fellowship functions?
    Yes. There is at least one annual meeting. In addition there are regional meetings and fellowship encounters.

  • Are there any financial obligations with GMCI.
    The only financial obligation for USA members is the annual membership dues. Other needs are made known as they arise but all giving is strictly voluntary.

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    Mailing Address
    Post Office Box 2557
    Glendale, Arizona


    GMCI provides both apostolic spiritual covering and tax exemption status to those churches  that qualify. In addition GMCI provides a fellowship for both the seasoned minister and that one just beginning their calling in God. GMCI is a full gospel organization for independent ministers providing Ordination, General License, Commissioned Minister and Exhorter/Christian Workers License. Mentoring, prayer support, missions projects, short term mission trips, networking and opportunities for fellowship are available.

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