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P O BOX 2557
Glendale, AZ 85311

Phoenix, AZ

October 10 - 11- 12, 2024

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Ames International School of Ministry 

About Us

GMCI is a Full Gospel multicultural, ministerial organization established for  independent minister.. We were established in August 1982.

Being full gospel (meaning we believe the Church today should be as the first Church in the Book of Acts) it is our belief that the Gifts of the Spirit are just as active today as with the first church.

There are many reasons for affiliating with an organization such as GMCI but for the sake of space we will only mention a few here. We stand ready to assist both the seasoned and beginning minister. Churches can join for the sake of fellowship.

Sometimes one can feel like a "displaced" person because they came up in a denominational structure that they no longer feel comfortable in and yet "alone" without. Still others that do not belong to any denomination, nor have a desire to belong, want spiritual authority over them. This is Scriptural and imperative for today.

GMCI offers a reputable organization that is free of ecclesiastical and hierarchy control. We endevour to offer the Christian Minister a sense of CREDIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY that lends itself to INTEGRITY.

Each member of GMCI is free to follow their own calling in God without interference from some corporate body. This does not take away from being accountable to the spiritual leadership they voluntarily submit to.

GMCI is multicultural and believes that each individual or people group has the right to their own expression of worship as long as it is not contrary to the written Word of God. You will find members from almost every tribe and tongue associated with GMCI. There is but ONE BODY with many members.

Our motto is, Fellowship Without Bondage, Unity Without Compromise. GMCI hosts annual meetings, regional gatherings and provides fellowship, seminars and periodic printed material to better equip the Minister and to stay in touch. We hope you will consider applying for your ministerial credentials with our growing family.

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    Mailing Address
    Post Office Box 2557
    Glendale, Arizona


    GMCI provides both apostolic spiritual covering and tax exemption status to those churches  that qualify. In addition GMCI provides a fellowship for both the seasoned minister and that one just beginning their calling in God. GMCI is a full gospel organization for independent ministers providing Ordination, General License, Commissioned Minister and Exhorter/Christian Workers License. Mentoring, prayer support, missions projects, short term mission trips, networking and opportunities for fellowship are available.

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